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Oil and Gas Supply

Providing Your Fuel Needs

Enjoy the benefits of cost-effective fuel solutions. For reliable oil and gas supply, choose only Reed Oil Co. We are one of the most trusted sources of heating oil and LP gas supply in Hertford, NC and nearby areas.

Cost-Effective Fuel Supply

Apart from comparing prices, ask about the processes these fuels go through to have a better idea about their quality. For oil and LP gas supply that are worth your every penny, choose us.
Oil and gas quality has a huge effect on your day-to-day operations. Poor quality fuel may not burn efficiently due to impurities. In some cases, your equipment’s condition may be at stake, too. This is what happens when you use poorly processed home heating oil. Impurities known as sludge get trapped at the bottom part of the fuel oil tank and build up over time, causing damage to the equipment. Avoid this mishap by using only high-quality fuel from a reliable supplier. Call us at (252) 426-5458 for excellent fuel solutions.