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Prompt Fuel Delivery

Reliable Gas Provider

Enjoy the benefits of prompt and consistent fuel delivery services when you choose Reed Oil Co. We are a well-known LP gas provider in Hertford, NC and nearby locations. We transport fuels the right way and on time to help clients meet their various fuel needs.

We Supply:

  • LP Gas
  • Heating Oils
Gas barbecue grill system

Providing Energy-Efficient Appliances

Make your winter nights warm and your bath more relaxing with the energy-efficient appliances we offer. Choose from a wide inventory of water heaters, space heaters, fireplace logs and more. We also give expert advice about the best fuel types to use for each appliance.

Ensure Safety at All Times

Oil and gas tanks are prone to leaks, especially when not taken care of. To avoid interruption of oil or gas flow and ensure safety, conduct a leak test regularly. Call us at (252) 426-5458 for professional help.